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Irena:  "I love creative inspiration"


Today she is a commission artist for both local and international lovers of her work. Her style is very diverse; from robust landscapes to delicate flowers to antique portraits and realistic still-life.


I love inspiration; I never visit any local town or overseas city without visiting every art museum and gallery. "When I see something, a photo opens up in front of me; I don't go looking for it... It just grabs me."


She enjoys painting mostly in the early hours of the morning when she is uninterrupted and focused. For Irena and most art lovers, art is an intensely personal and subjective thing. "You need to see the person behind the painting. You need to find each other. What does he or she like? What memories are important to them? In what kind of space will the art hang?"


And thus far, her clients-come-friends, from as far as Holland, England and Canada have been totally satisfied, touched and intrigued by her work.



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