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  Piet & Irena Coetzee, Bonnievale


Irena showed from a young age an eye for fine detail, color and patterns. She used to stare with awe and wonder at the interesting shades of the mountains or study the unique contours of different trees. This special gift did not go unnoticed; her parents bought her first art kit at the age of 11, a little metal box she still remembers fondly. "That was the beginning."

Even though she pursued a career in teaching, she was inspired and eager to explore art years later after attending a casual, fun art class with a friend. Irena is mostly self-taught and experimented with various styles and mediums. She eventually found her niche in oil paintings.


Irena's husband, Piet, does all the framing. He also frames mirrors and makes canvasses.


Interesting facts:

One consignment consisted of a total of 14 paintings for a clients new house in England.

She visited USA, Canada, British Isles, West Europe, Middle East, Australia & New Zealand where she got more inspiration from all the galleries.

Her house is also her art gallery.

Her first art exhibition came at the age of 68.

She loves gardening.

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